Building Updates

*Disclaimer: The images displayed are examples provided by Libertas Academy – Boiling Springs for illustrative purposes.

As anticipation builds for the upcoming school year, exciting developments are underway for us at the Willie Jeffries School of Excellence. We are proud to share updates on its eagerly awaited new building project, a testament to its commitment to providing the best possible educational experience for its students.

Embarking on this transformative journey, the construction plan is strategically divided into two distinct phases to ensure an unwavering commitment to excellence:

Phase One: The initial phase involves the installation of cozy temporary modular classrooms directly on the campus grounds. This approach enables uninterrupted learning experiences while essential groundwork, such as roadways and infrastructure, is thoroughly laid out. Picture it as the creation of a temporary educational village, ensuring that the pursuit of knowledge remains at the forefront.

Phase Two: The real magic unfolds in the second phase as the construction of the brand-new school building begins. More than just construction, this phase transforms the construction site into a live learning lab. Students will witness engineering and construction in action, turning the building process into a unique and immersive real-world classroom experience.

Drawing inspiration from the successful journey of Libertas Academy – Boiling Springs, who are on the brink of stepping into their new facility, we extends heartfelt congratulations to them. Their experience serves as both motivation and a source of support as we undertake a similar venture.

Beyond bricks and mortar, this project signifies the school’s dedication to building futures and creating new opportunities for students, families, and the broader community. We are thrilled to share this journey with all stakeholders, as together, we embark on the mission to build something truly great.